Robots creating music for robots, producing an art manifesto. For robots. That is what Machine Manifesto is about.

I collected text from 20 manifestos – Futurist Manifesto, The Art of Noise, Dada Manifesto, COBRA, SCUM, Women’s Art, A Cyborg Manifesto (!) etc. etc…

The program chose only a handful: Dada Manifesto (Hugo Ball, 1916), OK ART Manifesto, A Manifesto and the incredible Refus Global. All of them great texts, and it’s really interesting to see the OK ART Manifesto next to Refus Global. Going from “Ok art is an OK idea” to “Make way for magic! – Make way for LOVE!”.

I also collected 40 recordings; 20 from and 20 of my own. Mostly engines, machines of different kind, noises. The program chose eight, maybe ten.

This is the first of its kind, I think. It might not be great,  but at least it is OK! The app is here, and a recording is here.

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