This is Sound App #2: Music for robots, created by robots, performed by a machine.

I have just met my robots. Or created them, one could say. Anyway, I  really want to get to know them better, to get inside their little brains and listen to what is on their minds. Some day these guys may be the ones that dictates the future of this planet, so why not be prepared?

So I asked them about their dreams and prayers. I fed the program with thirty prayers from the Bible (sorry, Christian stuff only, this time) and a lot of sounds that should be familiar for dem: Sounds of harddisks spinning up and running, some electronic noise. I added the sound of a vinyl to the background of the app.

And do they pray, the little robots! – they chose outstanding prayers, great great prayers, the best prayers :)

The app is here and there is a recording here.

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